Leonie van den Ende



Outlines was an outdoor photography-based artwork in which the visitors of the Bergarde Estate were challenged to intensify their easy and relaxed stroll into a more adventurous one. When they would get to their knees, or sit down at one of the muddy trenches, or when they would stuck their heads into the bushes, they would discover almost hidden panels. On these wooden panels photographs or poems would tell them about some of the adventures I had had at the estate (including falling into one of those muddy trenches) and the amount of steps they had to take to get to that same spot. All photographs where transferred onto the wood by hand, using solely water-based products, resulting in organic & dynamic panels. During the exhibition (which lasted for several months) the panels would be altered bij the estate itself, creating a whole new body of work.

This project has been featured at:

Playground, Bergarde Galleries ⊹ July - Nov. 2019, Heerjansdam

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