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Dry Points

Dry Points / Monoprints

In my art practice, the dry point/monoprint and photography go hand in hand. While engraving the sink plate of the dry point on location it’s almost as if I dissolve in the landscape. Sitting stil for about two hours, studying each and every line of a chosen tree, takes me to a meditative state where all boundaries seem to fade. In the printmaking workshop the monoprint technique kicks-in, giving the print a sense of light and depth of field, but also guarantees that there can never be an exact copy of that single print. 

These works have been featured at:

Lichting 2018, Galerie Wit ⊹ October - Nov. 2018, Wageningen ☐ Vers Kunstweekend, Bergarde Galleries ⊹ May 2019, Heerjansdam ☐ Playground Indoor, Bergarde Galleries ⊹ Sept. -  Nov. 2019, Heerjansdam ☐ All that ends will once be missed, Groene Passage ⊹ Feb. - Apr. 2020, Rotterdam

For specifications, editions and prices please feel free to contact me. All dry points are for sale.

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